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How to Apply

Apply by following the FundCash application process. First you want to:

  1. Have your Mutual Fund and/or Brokerage statements in front of you.

  2. If your statement doesn't provide ticker symbol next to each Mutual Fund, you can find the ticker symbol by going to our Fund Lookup.

  3. For multiple registered owners of Mutual Funds being used as collateral, make sure you have their home and employment information available.

  4. We recommend that you read:

  • Step 1 includes 5 forms


    1. Applicant Information (required form)

    2. Employment Information (required form)

    3. Co-Applicant Information (only required if other parties are owners of the mutual funds you are borrowing against)

    4. Co-Applicant Employment Information (only required if there is a co-applicant)


    Detailed Form Information Requested


    Applicant and Co-Applicant Forms

    • Name (title, first, mi, last)

    • Home Street Address

    • City, State, Zip Code

    • Home Phone

    • Cell Phone

    • E-Mail Address

    • Social Security

    • Date of Birth


    Employment and Co-Applicant Employment Forms

    • Employment status

    • How long employed

    • Position/Title

    • Work Phone, ext.

    • Current Employer

    • Employer's Street Address

    • City, State, Zip Code

    • Work E-Mail Address



    1. Choose your Requested Maximum Line of Credit Amount (A credit line for this amount or the maximum amount eligible will be opened.)

    2. Choose your Initial Draw Request

    3. If your initial draw request exceeds your credit limit when your credit line is approved, you may choose to receive maximum initial advance available or cancel your credit line and application.

  • 2 Sections to Choose From

    1. Mutual Fund Group(s) - if your investments are held directly by a mutual fund group

    2. Brokerage Account - if your investments are held with a brokerage firm

    Be sure to enter all funds you own that you wish to use as collateral. You will be notified by email of the maximum line of credit amount according to the current market value and risk category of your mutual funds.

  • Once you submit your application it will be begin being processed by the Bank. Once your application is reviewed you will be notified of your maximum credit line amount and we will send you the following documents to review, sign and return:

    • Custody Agreement

    • Security Agreement

    • Line of Credit Note

    • Account Transfer Form

    • Collateral Maintenance Guidelines


    We may request additional information at this time including copies of your driver’s license and social security card. You will need to:

    • Sign each loan document and have each co-applicant sign each document (If all the co-applicants’ signatures are not on the documents, we are unable to process your loan until we receive documents properly completed.)

    • Attach a copy of each Mutual Fund statement or Brokage Account statement to the Account Transfer document

    • Obtain a Signature Guarantee for each document from your bank or broker


    Place all documents in an envelope and mail or overnight the documents to:

    Presidential Bank
    Trust Custody Department
    4600 East West Highway, Suite 400
    Bethesda, MD 20814

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